Meet James Netter


    Jim Netter started Netter Real Estate over 40 years ago after being trained by his father, a well known and respected member of the Real Estate Community. Even though he is the broker of Netter Real Estate and has many responsibilities running an active office, he still enjoys working with buyers and sellers. His communication and time management skills plus his positive attitude and commitment helps him to be successful in both roles. Jim is a member of the National Association of Realtors, The Long Island Board of Realtors and the Multiple Listing Service. He is on the Field Issues Task Force of the Long Island Board of Realtors, the LIBOR/MLS Audit Committee, the MLS Board of Directors and the Budget and Finance Committees. He also served as their president in 2003.

    Services for Sellers:

    Perform Competitive Market Analysis to Properly Price Home
    Put up Custom Signs
    Conduct Open Houses
    Design Special Feature Flyers
    Advertise Extensively
    Promote Property To Buyers and Other Cooperative Agents
    Monitor Listing and Sales Activities To Maintain Competitive Position in the Market Place
    Negotiate Offers
    Help with Mortgaging
    Relocate if Necessary

    Services For Buyers:

    Counsels them to see what is Affordable and Desired
    Show homes that meet their needs
    Negotiate their offers
    Help with Mortgaging

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    4 Responses to “Meet James Netter”

    • Gus Nuzzolese

      Written on

      Please send flyer for 763 Montauk. Thanks

      • Netter Real Estate

        Written on

        Hello Gus
        I do NOT know how we missed this request from you back in June! do you still have interest in the property? if so we can put you in touch with the listing agent who can send you whatever you would like to see

    • Debbie Dunbar

      Written on

      I am a Realtor in FL and am looking for owner of 6322 Laguna Dr. If you are the owner I have buyers who want to know if you would consider renting to own?? If not, then sorry to bother you and have a great day!

      • Netter Real Estate

        Written on

        Hello Debbie
        we are interested in renting the home on an annual basis and would entertain a rent to buy!
        PLEASE email me @ and we can discuss further
        thank you

        ps NOT sure how we missed this message! i am sorry about that


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