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    Meet Our Administration Staff

    Kristina Furtado-Netter, Vice President of Operations

    I started working with Netter Real Estate in 1990 at the age of 17.   I had just graduated from Babylon Junior, Senior High School and was starting my college career at SUNY Farmingdale for Business and Psychology.

    My work plan took on a different path.  I started out a few hours a week making cold calls to local neighborhoods to see who may be interested in listing their homes.  Gradually I took on more tasks, more time and more responsibility.  The company was growing and I was growing with it.  When I graduated from SUNY Farmingdale in the summer of 1992 my focus was to major in psychology.  This is when my life took a turn that was not expected.  The company head administrator was moving away and I was next in line.  I chose to take on the challenge.   I loved where I worked and I loved the idea of assisting Jim Netter in running the business.  My journey of who I am and where I am in business today has come from this one, beautiful, business family!

    Flash forward 30 years and I am working alongside, my husband, running the daily activities of a very successful, boutique real estate company.  Our philosophy is to nurture our sales team to become the most successful that they can and to continue to grow year after year.  Jim and I made the decision to operate the business and nurture the growth of our sales team.  WE vowed to never compete with them.  Jim works hands on each and every day to assist every one of our sales people with their transactions.     When he receives a referral from a past client, he will partner up with a member of the sales team allowing them to take on the day to day activities and giving him the time to run the business.

    My role in running the business is monitoring the daily activities of our administrative staff of nine ladies and their departments.  Our goal is for the sales team to be out listing and selling while the Admin team takes care of all back-office duties.

    Our front desk lady is available from 8:30-7pm M-F and 9-5 Saturday and Sunday.  Her title is Director of First impressions.  She is the first line of contact between our firm and the outside world.   She handles everything from phones, to ALL the appointments on our listings, to individual agent requests to lead intake and distribution and the management of front desk duties.

    Our management department monitors every transaction we have from the acceptable offer stage all the way through to closing.  This department is heavily involved with the customer and the agent.  They are the compliance within the firm to make sure we have all the correct documents.  That they are signed off properly.  Together with the agent, they follow each of the 350 transactions we closed in 2019 to make sure things are moving along smoothly.  When an issue arises with a transaction Jim will jump in to see how he can correct the problem.

    Our marketing department handles ALL of the mailings, the coordination for our weekend open houses, the social media marketing, print media marketing and the Netter Real Estate branding.  This department works diligently to market the company alongside our agents.

    Our global membership department affords us the ability to be recognized across the country, and globally!  The two companies are Leading Real Estate Companies of the World Luxury Portfolio and American Luxury Estates.  We are the Only members on the South Shore that have been invited in.  These organizations require a team to monitor all of our listings on their sites giving us great exposure.  Our membership with these top organizations affords us the opportunity to say we have branch offices across the country, internationally and in the Caribbean.

    Our Bookkeeping Department manages the company’s finances and accounts for all financial transactions keeping in line with all company policies and procedures.  They maintain subsidiary accounts by verifying, allocating, and posting all transactions. Balances subsidiary accounts by reconciling entries.  Preparing all commission checks and closing statements for every transaction that runs through the company.

    The relocation department is very active in assisting our clients and customers in moving across town and across the country and even as far as the Caribbean and Europe!  When one of our clients or customers has the need to move out of state this department works to find them the best company and agent to fit their needs, wants and desires.  Together with the department our referring Netter Salesperson will work closely with the outside agent to make sure the transaction goes smoothly.  Last year the leading RE organization closed $372 billion dollars in closed sales.  That was together with 565 companies in 70 countries!  This is POWERFUL!

    Netter Real Estate supports nearly seventy full time/part-time associate brokers and sales associates and nine administrative personnel.  Our team members have been putting smiles on the faces of clients and customers for many years.  Our approach is to meet the clients’ needs with personal and professional service.  Successful marketing of real estate takes determination, perseverance and financial creativity along with the right staff and team.  These qualities set us apart from our competitors and help maintain our unsurpassed success.

    Netter Real Estate is dedicated to providing superior service to all of our clients. We want you, your family and your friends to be our Customers for Life!


    Meet the Administrative Staff of Netter Real Estate

    Michele Campi
    Vice President of  Administration
    25 Years

    I have been a part of Netter Real Estate for 22 years and a resident of the South Shore for 33 years.  My role at Netter Real Estate is working closely with the owner/brokers James & Kristina Netter as part of their administrative team. I oversees the daily functions of the entire administrative team making sure the administrative part (behind the scenes) of Netter Real Estate runs smoothly for our Sales team.   I am a licensed real estate sales associate.  What I love most about my role is how it changes from day to day based on the behind the scenes needs of Netter Real Estate.  We are an office that stays on the cutting edge of technology, NYS rules, takes part of local giving back, as well as a staff who is always looking to improve the way we do business.  The administration team focuses on the commitment to creating an environment that supports and helps our agents be successful, in addition to providing support for our owners and clients working with our sales staff.

    I believe my loyalty, work ethic and management skills have helped me to remain committed to the Netter Family and our local real estate market.

    Amanda Hernandez
    Front Desk Officer in West Islip and Ocean Beach Head Administrator

    Amanda was recently welcomed into our world to become the head administrator at our Ocean Beach office. With this title she must learn the culture and business acumen of our main office.  She will learn this by assisting in each of our departments and ALL front desk duties.

    Mona Abizeid
    Director of First Impressions
    2 Years

    Mona is our full time Management of front desk duties.  She is the first line of contact for our clients and the public and is expected to wear a smile every day and instill this into each of our part time administrative gals.

    Lynn Sarantakos
    Director of Marketing & Inventory
    17 Years

    Lynn handles all facets of marketing and mailers, company inventory, open house coordination and part of our transaction management team where she works with all the agents on the beginnings of a deal.

    Joanne Rutherford
    Director of Transactions
    17 Years

    Joanne works in the transaction management department to gather all necessary paperwork and follow the transaction from contract to close alongside the attorneys.  She stays in touch monthly with the Attorney, Agent and Paralegals.  Joanne also assists at our front desk.

    Toniann Mattel
    Bookkeeper Analyst
    15 Years

    Toniann manages the company’s finances and accounts for all financial transactions and keeping in line with all company policies and procedures.

    Lori Desivo
    Statistics Analyst
    12 Years

    Lori manages each avenue of where ALL our leads come from to better assist the company with where company $ should be spent and assists with all front desk duties.

    Pattie Coppola
    Relocation & Marketing Director
    6 Years

    Pattie places our clients who are moving out of state in the hands of our affiliates around the world and manages the transaction from beginning to end. She works on social media and online advertising and assists the agents and their clients with the marketing of  their homes through Luxury Portfolio, Leading Real Estate Companies of the World and American Luxury Estates.

    Angelina Acevedo
    Front Desk Officer
    1 Year

    Angelina assists with all front desk duties in West Islip and Ocean Beach on a part time basis as she works through college.

    Dimitra Sarantakos
    Front Desk Officer
    1 Year

    Dimitra assists with all front desk duties in West Islip and Ocean Beach.